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There is immense power in finding your tribe, a group of like-minded people you trust to learn from and grow with. That is how Danny & I see it anyway. We are both seekers, students and artist's of life. Our bet, if you are reading this, is that you are like us.

For seekers life is about growth, challenge, learning and traveling deep into our own psychology to better understand ourselves and the world. For seekers life is a process of discovery and change. We crave self-actualization working to be the best versions of ourselves. We would like to invite you on this journey?

Your hosts
Dr. Jade Teta
Danny Coleman

Personal Growth On Steroids

The way most people think about accumulating information is all wrong.  They wrongly assume if they are exposed to enough "stuff" it will some how eventually sink in. It's the psychological equivalent of the shotgun effect, hoping something sticks. 

It is not about MORE information, it is about BETTER information. What we are after is wisdom. Do you know the formula for wisdom? It goes like this: quality information learned is knowledge.  Knowledge plus experience is wisdom.  Wisdom is the Holy Grail of personal growth, success and happiness.

The book club amplifies the accumulation of wisdom by starting with books that have been vetted to contain the most complete and concise ideas in a particular topic.  Between the two of us Danny and I have read all of the most popular self-development, success, relationship and happiness titles released over the last 5 years.  From this list we have chosen the best.

By focusing on a few select titles you get the best of the best, don't waste time and amplify your learning exponentially.  Because we learn together in a group, a concept research calls "compound learning," wisdom accumulation happens faster than you can imagine.

Don't Fake It Until You Make It, Be It Until You See It

Personal growth and change is not about FAKING it. Personal growth is about BEING it. To understand how to be different, you have to either see someone else acting the part or you yourself must act the part.

Your brain is watching and judging your behaviors all of the time the same way it judges others. By engaging with these books, and acting out the principles "as if" you already are the thing you seek, soon you will be living that reality. That is what true learning and mastery is all about.

Here's What You'll Get

Book Notes

Get book notes you can read in less than 15-minutes -- curated from the best of the best in relationships, money mindset, career, self-development, happiness and personal achievement

Private Coaching Group

Private interactive Facebook group to discuss the book, personal experiences and related topics with the other book club members

Monthly Coaching Calls

Listen in live to monthly coaching calls with Jade & Danny as they use books to guide you through the 6 POWERS coaching System -- Get personal coaching on these live calls




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